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Fully Integrated Online Marketing

At Brightklix we understand how to leverage the Internet. We put significant effort into identifying the online opportunities for your business. They are real, they do exist and we have the capacity to implement the required strategies to capitalize on them .

We are a fully integrated digital marketing agency that delivers cutting edge digital marketing solutions to small, medium and enterprise level businesses. Our winning solutions and experience have helped many of our clients to interact and engage with their customers the new better way.

We have been delivering Internet Marketing solutions since 2001


We will bring you new pre-qualified leads and customers 


We will help you expand into new Markets 


Our dedicated research & development SEO Team track, monitor and implement Internet strategies to keep our clients ahead of their competition 

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Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Solutions are thoroughly researched continuous Internet Marketing Campaigns for a desired period. You decide how long to run your campaign. The pace and timing of each strategy is carefully planned so that the promotion is natural and organic. The combination of strategies for each month is planned for maximum effectiveness. We have categorised Campaigns to business type and size. A custom strategy can also be formulated for each business. 


Local Businesses       National Businesses        Global Businesses   

Any Local Businesses who provide services to a local population such as: Accommodation, Hotels, B&B, Food & Beverage, Government services, Restaurants, Retail Shops etc.

      Any National Businesses who provide services to a national Population.  We can also mix certain elements from our local strategies to provide both a local and national strategy. 
      Any International Businesses who provide services to a Global Population.  We can also mix certain elements from our local and nationa strategies to provide a local, national and international strategy.






Ecommerce Businesses       Startup Businesses        Social Media Solutions   

Any Ecommerce enabled Businesses providing  services on the Internet. Our Ecommerce solutions require a custom strategy tailored to a specific business

      Suitable for any Start up Businesses who have never used the Internet in the past. Our Start up business Digital Marketing Solutions require a custom strategy tailored to a specific business
      Although our Local, National and Internetional solutions include social media, our SM solutions are for businesses who wish to focus on social media alone 






Audits & Analysis       "News Media" Marketing       Video services  
  Major search engines update their guidelines and algorithms frequently and website audit is the best and only procedure to ensure that your website is in 100% compliance.       News Media syndication. Now you can get featured on highly authoritative news sites. Google News, Yahoo! News sent to Journalists ABC, FOX, CBS   

      In the last few years, video has made a quantum leap and is set to claim 90% of web traffic in 2013. There has never been a better time to tap into web video





  No Contract, cancel anytime   Advanced Campaign Reporting   Dedicated Project Management
Unlike most we do not ask for campaign time commitments. We also enable monthly campaign de-activation and re-activation. This feature is ideal for seasonal businesses.    We deliver bespoke reporting Metrics and technical analysis that can help your business with specific areas of digital marketing    Our dedicated project management system insures that your Team and your assigned project manager can track all campaign activities from a single secure platform. 
  Campaign Marketing Plan & Deliverables   Customised Geo targeted campaigns   On going Internet R&D strategies
  Each Campaign includes a comprehensive marketing plan with monthly deliverables and Reports    No matter what your Industry or country we can customise a solution for your business.    Our research and development SEO Team are continually analysing the latest Internet trends and Google updates.